Ways to Last Longer in Bed

It’s no secret that every man wants to satisfy their partner in bed. Lasting longer in bed is something that almost every man desires. There are many reasons why a man might not last long enough in bed. However, with certain behavioral, diet, and lifestyle changes, one can last longer in bed and satisfy their partner.

According to studies, a vast majority of men who experience premature ejaculation perceive sex as a very big occasion. Whenever a man feels overexcited about having sex with their partner, he is likely to end up having premature ejaculation.How-long-should-sex-last This happens because overexcitement prompts the brain to release hormones that induce premature ejaculation. To alleviate this problem, it is advisable to perceive sex as a normal habit and not get overexcited. Unfortunately, this something that is easier said than done.

Another advice: during sex, men who want to last longer are recommended to focus their attention on something that is not erotic. This distracts the mind from the act. Although it’s an old technique, it works well to delay ejaculation.

Perineal muscle exercise

With a strong perineal muscle, one is able to delay ejaculation. The perineal muscle is partially responsible for controlling ejaculation. The muscles of the perineum can be strengthened by performing Kegel exercises.


Some men know, some don’t that masturbation is one of the great tools to control ejaculation. Basically, it trains one to get used to their body responses. Moreover, it helps one to stay calm, pay attention and avoid being carried away. Masturbation 30-60 minutes before actual sexual intercourse will definitely make you last longer.

Physical techniques

Men can try the squeeze technique whereby one squeezes the penis tip when he approaches a climax to prevent ejaculating. The start-stop technique is also recommended as it helps reduce stimulation when nearing a climax. Usually the faster a man thrusts, the quicker he is likely to ejaculate, and therefore its good to go slower so that the pennies is lesser stimulated hence delaying ejaculation.

Foreplay before sex

Sex involves a lot more than just penetration. Engaging in foreplay can greatly increase sexual experience.

Sex position

Some sex positions prompt quick ejaculation and some have the opposite effect. For example, the position when the man lies on his back and the woman rides on him falls into the latter ones. With the woman on top, the underside of the penis is less stimulated. This enables the man to last longer.


Condoms decrease sensitivity a bit hence increasing the time taken to ejaculate. Besides, there are special condoms with benzocaine, an anesthetic that numbs the glans penis. The disadvantage of these condoms, however, is that they considerably reduce sensitivity.