Risks of ED Pills In Bodybuilding And Alternatives

Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to have an erection or to maintain it throughout intercourse. Should this be a struggle faced for over two weeks, the man might be deemed impotent. In such a case, a doctor may prescribe a PDE5 inhibitor, also known as an erectile dysfunction drug. 

ED drugs work by facilitating the blood flow to soft tissues in the penis. They thus stop the release of the enzyme PDE5, which blocks the natural erectile process by inhibiting the release of Cgmp (enzyme which causes erections). 

Though the drugs merely enable the body to function as it was meant to, the absorption of chemicals in the cells involved in doing so may have several side effects. 

Side Effects Of ED Pills And What It Means For Bodybuilders

The side effects of PDE5 inhibitors vary from drug to drug. Long term side effects commonly are heart disease, though it is both rare and incurs when there has been frequent abuse of the drug. 

bodybuilding viagraAs the oldest pill on the market and most gradually altered, Viagra has close to no side effects. Its most notable one is blue vision, though that usually lasts under 60 minutes and is relatively rare. The drug is not to be taken by those with heart or blood pressure issues, as the change in blood-flow could possibly, in the worst cases, lead to cardiac arrest.  

Levitra has more common side effects than Viagra. Dizziness, upset stomach, back pains, sleepiness and flushed faces are among the side-effects people have experienced. This may be rather dangerous if the drug is taken prior to an intense workout, as dizziness may be amplified by a heavy lift and lead to injury. 

Furthermore, it may be tough achieving your full-work out potential when suffering from any of these effects, which can emerge any time during the 5 hours in which the drug is directly affecting your body. 

Side effects of Cilias include nasal congestion and joint pains. The drug lasts on average 36 hours, and its presence in your system might lead to discomfort during workouts. 

Going Natural Instead

In order to avoid the side effects listed above but still achieve erections, you may need to consider natural alternatives that will increase your over-all well-being and facilitate all bodily functions, including getting an erection. For bodybuilders, this may involve: 

  • Not taking anabolic substances
  • Avoiding drastic diets before competitions
  • Consuming more zinc 
  • Sleeping more
  • Making time for sex
  • Going for marriage counseling 
  • Getting therapy in case of anxiety
  • Getting rid of artificial supplements

To avoid ED drug side effects, consider incorporating the changes above in your life and you may see results that render the taking of PDE5’s unnecessary.