Pubic Hair: to Shave, or Not to Shave

Removal of pubic hair has been an issue of hot debate. Those in favor of shaving and those against fiercely defend their personal preferences. While removal of pubic hair can be considered a personal preference, it is worth knowing why one should or should not remove the pubic hair. Some have argued that there are no health benefits associated with pubic hair removal and as such, there is no need to shave it. But is this true?

Arguing that there are no health benefits to shaving the pubic area is rather controversial. Indeed, as suggested in a 2014 study on pubic area and related infections, improved hygiene is the first and foremost benefit that one may expect from shaving the pubic area. Without the hair, it is a bit easier to clean the genital area and maintain its hygiene.woman's secret place

Additionally, it allows close examination of the pubic area for any alarming signs. This can help one to identify possible skin eruptions or bugs early enough and take protective measures. However, are these reasons sufficient to warrant a need for pubic hair removal?

Indeed, those against shaving the pubic hair argue that with proper hygiene, the mentioned health benefits can be achieved without shaving. Furthermore, there are suggestions that pubic hair removal presents some health risks. According to an article published in American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, increased cases of infected abscesses are associated with shaving the pubic area. Abscesses are caused by bacteria that enter the body via the hair follicle.

Additionally, according to a 2012 study titled “Viral infections of the pubis”, hair removal increases susceptibility to STIs. Some experts believe that pubic hair removal not only affects the skin and increases its vulnerability to bacteria entry but also – due to the fact that the hair is meant to absorb moisture and act as a protective barrier – the absence of the pubic hair increases vulnerability to infections such as genital warts and herpes, among others.

Some scientists also believe that the apocrine gland makes use of the pubic hair follicles to secrete sweat that is rich in nutrients such as pheromones, lipids, and proteins.


Indeed, both sides of the divide have fair arguments. However, other than for hygiene purposes, there does not seem to be much in favor of shaving the pubic hair (though some people also find a hairless mons pubis is a superior stunner). In contrast, there are some fair reasons as to why shaving the pubic area may not be a good idea. Perhaps, trimming might be a good compromise. Be it as it may, the decision remains personal.