Phytotherapy And Nutrition For ED

ED (erectile dysfunction) is one of the most debilitating conditions that can afflict a man. Not only does he lose his ability to get and sustain a good penile erection, he also loses motivation and spirit. Erectile dysfunction affects a man in a variety of negative ways. It can have a lasting effect on his overall life, especially if it is left untreated.

To manage this condition (and it is a condition rather than a disease), men all over the world have sought medication that will allow them to get and maintain an erection to complete sexual activity. These types of medication usually work (some work for some men and not others). They deliver the desired results—a good, solid penile erection. However, many of these drugs are accompanied by appalling and perhaps even more debilitating side effects. Not everyone who uses these drugs is susceptible to side effects. Some can go their entire lives without experiencing negative side effects of these drugs. Or, if they do, said side effects are mild and aren’t really a cause for concern.

therapy herbalBut, side effects are side effects. Some are minor and some are impossible to live with. This is why other men opt to stay away from the pills altogether. To them, it seems like the pain is not worth the prize. This is where other treatment and management methods come into play. This is where men consider phytotherapy and nutrition for ED.

Phytotherapy refers to the study of how natural extracts can be used as medicines or agents that promote physical health. As far as archetypal pharmacology is concerned, medicines made through phytotherapy are different to those made from plant derivatives. In archetypal pharmacology, an active compound is isolated (derived) from a particular plant. In phytotherapy, there is far less processing and hence the complexity of the plant substances is maintained.

Phytotherapy, unlike anthroposophy and homeopathy, does not combine extracted plant compounds with synthesized bioactive compounds. Phytotherapy is essentially like herbalism. In fact, many in the more modernized parts of the world refer to phytotherapy as alternative medicine. Phytotherapy is still a cause for concern and debate amongst many scholars and professionals. This is somewhat paradoxical considering the success of drugs such as atropine and morphine (alkaloids) have enjoyed in modern medicine and medical therapy.

The modern version of phytotherapy, then, can be defined as the study of the effects and of the scientific use of herbal medicine.

Herbal medicine (phytotherapy) has been used for a very long time in the treatment and management of sexual dysfunction (and in particular erectile dysfunction). There are a number of products out there that came about as a result of phytotherapy for erectile dysfunction. Herbs that combat erectile dysfunction include ginseng, arginine, yohimbe, etc.

Diet and nutrition is also another way to manage erectile dysfunction. Although there is no food that can prevent the condition, there are foods that can help fight it. Greens and beets contain nitrates which help fight ED. Dark chocolate (flavonoids), watermelon (antioxidants), pistachios (protein), shellfish (zinc) and tomatoes (lycopenes) are example of foods that contain certain elements that can help fight erectile dysfunction.