Can You Notice When Your Girlfriend Fakes Orgasms?

Some ladies fake orgasms out of good intentions to boost the egos of their partners. However, faking an orgasm is probably a bad idea because the partner will think that they are doing it right while in the essence the lady is missing out on the best possible sexual experience. This behavior should be discouraged so that ladies do not continue to have bad sex because of pretending to be enjoying themselves.a couple having sex

But is it possible to tell whether your girlfriend or wife is faking an orgasm? Below are ways to help you identify whether an orgasm is real or an act meant just to please you.

1. Her Toes Remain Straight

“Toe-curling” is a common response sign during orgasms in women. When your female partner is having the best moment of her life, her toes will usually curl. So if they remain straight, then there are chances she is just faking or exaggerating it.

2. Her Pelvic Muscles Do Not Contract

When having the big “O”, almost most women have reported having experienced their vaginas clench their boyfriends' penises. It’s rather a natural, involuntary act that takes place during a vaginal orgasm. When her pelvic muscles are not contracting and clenching your penis, then she is probably faking it. You should feel her vagina muscles pull and squeeze your penis.

3. Rapid Breathing That Suddenly Returns to Normal

When building up to the event, her breathing becomes more rapid and her heart rate starts to race. When she finally reaches an orgasm, she should continue breathing rapidly for a while. This usually lasts for about a minute before it returns to normal. A fake orgasm, on the other hand, does not really cause her to run out of breath, so she quickly resumes normal breathing as soon as the session is over. If she is not panting and struggling to catch her breath after a supposed orgasm, then she was probably not there.

4. Her Pupils and Eyes Are Not Dilated

Pupil and eye dilation is another clear sign that she’s just had the best moment of her life. Her pupils are supposed to dilate during an orgasm, and this is an involuntary, physiological act that is impossible to fake. This sign is very reliable, but also hard to notice since most women close their eyes during orgasms.

5. Her Face Is Not Flushed

During and shortly after an orgasm her face should be reddish. This is especially common and easily noticeable among pale-skinned women. But if this does not happen then she could be pretending about having an orgasm.

In conclusion, if you are keen enough, you can tell whether or not your girlfriend has had an orgasm by simply looking out for the abovementioned signs. However, remember that the female orgasm is a complicated thing which can differ a lot in intensity. So, although these signs are quite reliable since they are linked with women’s physiology, there is still no 100% guaranty that your girlfriend has faked her orgasm even if a few of these signs manifest together.