Borderline Personality Disorder

About 3% of the world population are diagnosed borderline personality disorder. It is a psychiatric condition that develops in those people, who are likely to be emotionally unstable and impulsive. The disorder brings discomfort to the patients, but their families and friends suffer even more. The borderliners have difficulties building up relations with other people. It is hard to live a normal social life for them. Unfortunately, the reasons of the disorder are not established, which makes it harder to cope with this problem. At the beginning, the symptoms are light and, as a result, often ignored. Find out what are the conditions, that people with borderline personality disorder have to deal with in their everyday life.

1. Unstable personal relationships

borderline personality disorderThose who suffer from borderline personality disorder can be called "people without skin". They are incredibly sensitive even to minor emotional impact. A random word or a look, that most of us would not pay attention to, cause a serious emotional breakdown or a depressive state. Such people live with constant pain that others underestimate or do not understand. Needles to say, this condition leads to serious problems in the interpersonal relations. The patients’ perception of the world and events is pretty much distorted. Constantly being on the borderline between stability and frustration, they can quickly switch from love to hate, and backwards.

2. «Black» and «white» way of thinking

Borderliners do not see any halftones in life. Everything is extremely good or extremely bad, and nothing is between them. This concerns both the vision of the external world and self-perception. It is interesting that «black» and «white» periods of life can change over. What the patient considers positive and good today, tomorrow looks terrible and ugly. This is the reason, why 80% of the patients have suicidal thoughts.

3. Fear to be left alone

Quite often, the people who suffer from borderline personality disorder seem to be shameless manipulators, tyrants and egoists. In the meantime, the situation is much more complicated. They keep clinging on to relations with other people. In the fear of being abandoned, they start to irritate their friends and relatives. Even a short leave can lead to a panic outbreak, madness or depression.

4. Self-destructive behavior

Sometimes, we all make spontaneous inconsiderate decisions, that we shouldn't do (for example, buy something expensive and unnecessary). In boderliners such actions become a habit, and their impact is way more serious than spending too much money. The patients are inclined to alcohol abuse and taking drugs, reckless driving, unprotected sex, bulimia, and other unpleasant and health-threatening things.

5. Uncontrolled emotions

It is easy to guess, that people with borderline personality disorder have difficulty controlling their emotions, thoughts, feelings, and the way they express them. As a result, angry outbursts and aggression can appear without any obvious reason. Other conditions are paranoia, depression and idee fixe.