6 Sex Myths you might still Believe

Sex — almost all adults do it, but while there is more liberty and talk about the subject now than at any other time in history, a lot of people still grapple with problems and misconceptions which prevent them from achieving the ultimate pleasure in bed. That is why we're talking about common — and sometimes unbelievable — sex myths that might be holding you back and stealing your pleasure.

1. Women can easily do without sex

Women may not show arousal as instantly or obviously as men do, but there should really be no doubt that they are just as into sex as men are, if not more. In fact, women's bodies are actually more tuned into sex given the fact that they have the physiological ability to experience different types of orgasm including multiple orgasms. So this is a ridiculous but nevertheless stable misconception.a couple in bathtub

2. Women don’t like casual sex

In truth, women actually like casual sex almost as much as men, they just don't like to have bad reputations, and who can really blame them? They are, however, less likely to get frequent orgasms from casual sex as they do when in a relationship. Emotions and feelings are essential for women to enjoy sex.

3. Women are against porn

Well, compared to men, women are really not so much into porn. However, as far as statistics are concerned, a third of women admits to having watched porn in the past. More than that, studies have shown that a lot of women respond to porn just like men. So while it may go against feminist values, some women do enjoy it.

4. Men can only do it once at a time

To some degree, it’s true. Men are usually spent after ejaculation, which means they can only have one natural orgasm at a time and then they need some time to restore – the refractory period. However, some men can cheat the system, and others have very short refractory periods, so women shouldn’t write their partners off right away.

5. Oral and anal sex are safer than vaginal intercourse

No matter how many times one says unpleasant truth, it doesn’t seem to get through some people’s heads. Once again: you can’t get someone pregnant through anal and oral sex, but that’s the only difference. As long as there is contact and body fluids are exchanged, STDs can be transmitted irrespective of what kind of sex you’ve had.

6. No babies in the hot tub

Partly, this belief appeared on a true basis: when the testicles are exposed to warmth, spermatozoa in the semen become slow-moving. That, of course, reduces your chances to get pregnant, but doesn't eliminate them completely. So sex in a hot bathtub as a birth control method is very unreliable one.